Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sixth Sense

There is something about energy work that is incredible for most bodyworkers, skeptical for some and spooky for others. It's the sixth sense of energy work. I personally have the most exposure to this sixth sense in my Cranial Sacral classes. There is something about Cranial, the rhythm and the outcome of the bodywork that is so special, sacred and intense that it is hard to describe in words; but I will give it a try anyway. When I teach my students how to palpate the cranial rhythm I talk about how subtle this rhythm is and how if one tries to look to hard it can be difficult to feel. I use the analogy of a ghost to help describe it. I personally have never had a paranormal experience, but my husband watches every paranormal activity program that is available to watch on HULU. So, I feel through secondary exposure a bit of a expert now on the topic. All of the time on these shows a person will see a shadow or feel a breathing on their neck or hear a noise. They go seeking after the source of these happenings only to find, usually that it was unexplainable at the time. I feel that the cranial rhythm is much the same. "Did you just see that?" This is something you hear all the time on these paranormal shows. "Did I just feel that?" This is what I hear all the time from my cranial sacral students. Eventually most of my students get to a point where this paranormal activity with the cranial rhythm become normal activity and they can feel it on just about anyone. Another component of this sixth sense is the concept of unwinding. I can only speak my opinion at this time, but I firmly believe that when there is a person present in my classroom who is familiar with unwinding, has had it done or is prone to unwinding it spreads like a contagious disease and causes others to have the tendency to unwind. I see it happen regularly in my classroom. My cranial classes are very basic and unwinding is not taught at this level, but later if they choose to continue their education. Lately I have felt the need to at least describe what unwinding is so my class is aware and can recognize it when it is happening. It seems that now I have invited it into the classroom and it is forever present with us. Just like on those ghost shows...they hunt for ghosts, try to communicate with them, try to prod them to react in some paranormal way hoping they will catch a glimpse of a apparition or an snag an EVP. I have been playing with the Ouija board of Cranial: I have poked and prodded and invited it in and now it's making appearances all the time around my classroom. This is not a negative thing except that my students tend to become fearful and unsure of what to do with it. They become most fearful when it happens to them when they have never had any kind of exposure to it before. As a matter of fact, some would describe that unwinding looks like an exorcism. Coincidence? I think not! It's a good thing I know how to extinguish it. It's like calling in the ghost whisperer. the moral of this story is...if you don't want your students to go into unwinding, then don't have someone prone to it in your classroom. Also, don't have two people prone to unwinding partner together. Or perhaps, don't even mention the word "unwinding" at all. It is very possible this is the password to let all paranormal cranial activity occur. Regardless of what does happen, just be prepared for it and know that it's the body's way of saying to the client, "I want out", whatever it is that is being stored and held in the body. So eventually this unwinding needs to occur and finish its course. In my next class I will have my tape recorder ready in case I can pick up an EVP's of this cranial paranormal activity.