Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doctor Cranial

An amazing thing happened this past week. I received a call from my Doctor asking me if I could come into his office and give one of his patients a CranialSacral session. OF COURSE I WILL! I replied. How often is it that a Doctor (MD) calls you asking for Cranial? This patient had been experiencing headaches off and on for several months now. He had been tested for several things, given drugs, all the fun doctor stuff - and nothing. No answers, no relief from this horrible pain. So my good ole' Doctor (he's a doctor of Osteopathy), tells his patient. "Let's try some CranialSacral." The doctor explained that he had learned some Cranial in his schooling, but just couldn't ever come to feel that Cranial Rhythm. (Dont' get discouraged, if you haven't felt it yet, you will in good time.) So, I worked with this client. Probably about 2 minutes into admisitering CV4, he fell asleep, then the fun began. I saw MANY signs of releasing such as twitching, borborgymus, REM, and heat. Almost all of his bones softened very well, I just had to be more patient with some than others. Needless to say the client felt great afterwards, and has been feeling great ever since. Some headaches still come, but not to the full extent that they were. I LOVE CRANIAL! COMMENT ABOUT YOUR CRANIAL SUCCESSES HERE!


  1. I love cranial Alisha, before I decided to come to school my sister practiced cranial on me when I was visiting her...(she was going to school at the time in St. George) She had talked a little bit about it before and decided with some of things I was talking to her about to try it on me. She was still learning things but the session was amazing! I truly believe that it works! As she was doing her releases and compressions and decompressions..(at the time I didn't know what they were called and where exactly she was at). As the session went on I felt a lot of pressure in my abdomen and chest. So much that I almost had, had enough. I almost told her to stop, the pressure was building and I was getting very irritated with it. But I decided that I needed to just let it happen (I trusted that she knew when to stop) And a few seconds later it released and I felt tingling throughout my whole body. Then the tears came and I was sobbing uncontrollably...not really having any reason or knowing why. But I felt like something that had been holding inside had finally been released and it felt great! I went home and bought Dr.Upledgers books "Your Inner Physician" And "Cranial Sacral Therapy" And started reading up on it myself.
    With this renewed sense of power within myself I started thinking about going to school. Something I have wanted to do for awhile but had to much anxiety about it. This was gone, and I signed up at UCMT two weeks later. I know that I need more work done, but just that one session made a huge difference in my life. I am so excited to learn more! And thoroughly enjoyed the session you taught us! Thanks Alisha!...........Nicole M.

  2. That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself. Thanks for your update.