Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dark Arts Aren't So Dark Afterall...

Trigger Point and Injury massage techniques truly do work, promoting wellness and reduces the suffering of every day people. I worked with a women once who had just left her husband who was physically abusive. She came to me looking for some way to rehabilitate her muscles after years of abuse. In the first appointment she stated how bad her headaches were getting and how uncomfortable it was for her to sleep at night. After some assessment, I figured that Trapezius was a main concern. I began with the Trapezius protocol and WOW did she have some serious Trigger Points. She even commented during the session, "How do you know these places that are so sensitive?". Of course, in a hurts so good kind of way. Long story short, after 5-6 sessions she felt SO MUCH better and even felt better about herself as a person. This is why I do what I do, when you can even change one life for the positive, it's all worth it. CLICK THE COMMENTS TO HEAR OTHER THERAPISTS SUCCESSES! OR MAKE A COMMENT OF YOUR OWN! HAVE FUN!


  1. I am a student at UCMT. I love Alisha's classes. Recently I started her Trigger Point class and it is amazing how our body works!
    After a couple classes of this I had the chance to take a trip home. My mom suffers from a pinched nerve and "Knots" from her chronic holding patterns at work. I tried some trigger knowing that pain is not always where you think it is. I did some cool tricks I have learned and BAM! She felt better. When we woke up the next morning she came to me and said, "Thank you, last night was the first night I was able to sleep without pain or discomfort." Amazing! There is no better feeling than to know you helped someone with a problem that nobody esle knew how to fix!
    Thanks Alisha!!

  2. I love it! That's why we practice the Dark Arts! It is both an honor and privelage to work with the Queen of Darkness!

  3. My mother and neighbor have been working on some bridesmaids dresses for a while now. Our neighbor was complaining of numbness down her hand and and into her fingers, she said she's had this for a long time. I decided to try my newly learned trigger point skills on her Teres. I found the trigger point and she said the numbness went away!
    Trigger Point wins again!
    This same neighbor was telling me that she was going to get surgery for her carpal tunnel. i asked her to wait for a little while and see if i could help relieve the pain/symptoms. The first time I worked her extensors and flexors I thought I was going over moguls! She was very tender. I'm going to work with her more after graduation and I'll try giving updates on how it goes. She was very excited to try this than get surgery.
    Isn't Trigger Point and Injury work wonderful!

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